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Heavy Metal/Progressive/Vocal  (2010)

Oblidian is new music produced by Lucian Tu and featuring Michael “Byron” Moreno on vocals. Both Lucian and Byron are Santa Barbara natives with various musical collaborations originating from their early teenage years. Oblidian is the first full length album by Lucian Tu since his 2001 debut album Oblique effect (available on Guitar9 Records). Oblidian's musical genre is primarily vocal-oriented rock/metal with progressive rock and metal leanings. The music covers a wide range of moods, tempos, and styles with a little something for rockers of all varieties. Oblidian's music is a fusion of rock music energy and thematic lyrics based on imaginative fiction.  Vocal Heavy Rock (Electric (Heavy)/Heavy Metal/Progressive), total running time, 48:32
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Heavy Metal/Progressive/Instrumental (2001)

Oblique Effect is the debut solo album from progressive rock guitarist Lucian S. Tu. The CD offers incredible instrumental/progressive metal tracks showcasing intense musicianship, grinding guitar riffs and soaring leads backed by a punishing rhythm section of drums and bass. Tu also features a number of talented guest guitar soloists on Oblique Effect, including Jim Williams and Jeff Slingluff. The music combines the heaviness and drive of albums such as Chris Poland's "Return To Metalopolis" with the progressive leanings of the recent, heavier work by groups such as Dream Theater. There are a few vocal elements; a couple of spoken introductions and brief vocals on "Mirrored" and "The Little Drone", but by and large this is a visonary instrumental metal meltdown. Highly recommended. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Heavy Metal/Progressive), total running time, 60:13