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Lucian Tu is a Music Industry Hardware Design professional with 20 years of experience in product design, product marketing, manufacturing, and operations. 

Lucian co-founded Origin Guitars in 2010. 
Prior to co-founding Origin Guitars, Lucian worked for Hoshino
as US Manager of Ibanez Electric Guitars. 


Established 2004, Lucian Tu Design (LTD) has provided Industrial Design and Product Marketing services to many of the Industry’s top corporations including: Universal Audio, iZotope, Ibanez Guitars, Digidesign, Zoom, IK Multimedia, Fishman, ATK AudioTek, Solid State Logic, Ultimate Support, Hotone Audio, and others. 


Also in 2004, Lucian co-founded guitar effects company Damage Control. 


In 1998, Lucian joined Line 6 as the first and principal in-house Industrial designer.   Ultimately, as Manager of the Visual Design Group at Line 6, Lucian was responsible for establishing the original design style of many of the company’s most successful products.


Lucian’s work in the Musical Instruments Industry has resulted in some of the Industry’s most striking and trend-setting product designs.  Lucian is also a guitar player and producer and has released albums including: Oblique Effect (2001), Oblidian (2010), and Oblidian II (2012). 


Lucian holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Product Design with honors from Art Center College of Design.